A number of MPs, journalists and campaigners are already supporting this campaign including:

John McDonnell MP

Heather Fisken - Inclusion Scotland

Ian Murray MP

Caroline Lucas MP

Margaret Hodge MP

Jo Brand - comedian

Lord Simon Woolley

Angela Mason CBE

Kamaljeet Jandu - GMB

Frances Ryan

Sean Jones KC

Robin Allen KC

John Cavanagh KC

Mike Mansfield KC

Diane Kingston OBE  

Michael Rubenstein

and many more...



On Tuesday 20th November 2012, John McDonnell MP presented a Bill to

Parliament to change the law to allow MPs to job share. No vote was taken.

Research has been conducted on public attitudes towards job sharing for MPs. It shows women and younger people are more likely to be in favour, also Labour and Liberal Democrats are more likely to support job sharing for MPs than UKIP or Conservative voters. You can read the research here. Why not write to your MP and tell them what you think about job sharing for MPs?

Meanwhile the campaign continues.

There are over 10 million disabled people in the UK.  Yet there are only a handful of MPs who have declared that they are disabled.  

Disabled people are far less likely to be in employment.  

In the UK, the risk of poverty or social exclusion for disabled

people is also significantly higher than for non-disabled


You can read more statistics about disability in the UK here.

Disability Politics UK is campaigning to get the law changed to enable Members of Parliament to job share – a crucial step in addressing the under-representation of disabled people in public and political life.  So far the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party support this.  We need other political parties to adopt this as policy, please help us with this.

We launched a second e-petition in September 2012. This was followed by a letter to The Guardian on 25 September 2012.

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You can read more about John McDonnell's Bill on our Parliament page here.

Please register to vote - helpful information here.


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Latest News

General Election 2024 - Thursday 4 July 2024

Urgent Action - Please ask Parliamentary Candidates to read our Report below and campaign for Job Sharing in Elected Public Office.  Thank you!

Disability Politics UK and the Fawcett Society have sent a joint submission to the United Nations with recommendations as follows:

1. The UK should enact s106 of the Equality Act 2010 which would require the collation of statistics on diversity data at local government and Parliamentary level. This should be changed now.

2. The UK should amend electoral law to enable people to stand as job share candidates for the House of Commons. This should be changed before the next Parliamentary elections in the UK.

3. The UK should amend electoral law to enable people to stand as job share candidates for local government office. This should be changed before the next cycle of local elections in the UK.

4. The UK should re-instate the Access to Elected Office Fund.

We hope the Government will reply to these recommendations later in the year.

The full submission can be seen - here

The Fawcett Society published a report supporting Job Sharing for MPs, please see - here